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About Us
About Us
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In a world where design, trend and search of new materials are always in fast and constant evolution, Trisoft Srl through its mark INNOVER is close to the firms of the textile sector with computer solutions that allow to overcome the limits imposed by the lines of production and to face with success these challenges.

Innover is the new commercial face of Trisoft Srl, operational since the away from 1976 in the sector of the informatic-solutions for the textile firms.
The great know-how and the acquired competences, the new economic and entrepreneurial sceneries, the demands more and more advances of the firms - by now pushes toward a shut competition - and the opening to new markets the levers that Trisoft has brought to one have been "transformation" external and inside with the insertion in the really organic one of figures able to give professional answers directed to the problem-solving, immediate and in line with the manifold demands.

Today Innover Innover with his/her commercial net looks to the emergent markets and with particular attention in Italy at the entrepreneurs that rediscover "the tradition of the knitwear Made in Italy" and therefore not prepared to abdicate the creativeness.
Just the choice of a lot of textile firms to return to a production of quality Innover has brought to place side by side software to its central nucleus of production and development, two new operational areas: one before stylistic consultation and of realization samples and a second area destined to the training and formation of the professional figures in the textile compartment and knitting.
Beyond Textile Innovation